Mission Statement 

We are purveyors of truly inspired beer made with the utmost care for people who seek craft brew at a reasonable price. 

Kris Bengtson 

In 2009, my wife opened her mouth and said, “Hey, you like drinking beer so much why don’t you make your own? It has to be cheaper anyway.” Well, I am glad she said that, but she was so wrong about it being cheaper. 

I started like most brewers do, with a kit from my homebrew store. I produced a good batch of beer, but I grew bored with that pretty quickly. My next batch I did a partial mash with some specialty grains. I then got a catalogue from Midwest Supplies with all the grain profiles and hop profiles. I also got the book, How to Brew by Jim Palmer. I read it twice and started to create my own recipes. My first recipe was for my Russian Imperial Stout, which I have altered here and there since. When I tasted this finished beer, I couldn’t believe that I had crafted it. I was hooked. 

My focus as Vice President and head brewer will be multifaceted. Making great beer, maintaining accounts, handling daily operations outside of the taproom, working with our marketing person, and being the face of the business are my main responsibilities. 

Company’s Inception 

The company’s name was inspired by Kris’s grandfather, who recommended it (the owner’s middle name). The company’s logo was inspired by Kris’s grandmother, who passed away in 2009. On her urn was etched a yellow butterfly because that was her favorite creature. After her memorial service, Kris and Dana ran to the car because of rain and as we shut the doors, a single yellow butterfly touched our windshield and flew away. We still feel like she is with us guiding us in all we do. The yellow and blue colors are inspired by our family’s Swedish heritage. Sarah Bengtson, Kris’s sister, drew the logo. Needless to say, this company is inspired by family and love.